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Every single slots game has an ultimate jackpot the player can win if he or she matches up the exact right combination of symbols across the reels. While jackpots are rare, they do occur, and they can really change a player's entire life in just an instant.

Origin of the Term "Jackpot"

The term jackpot actually has a very interesting origin story. Casinos used to exist in the United States on large and fancy riverboats travelling up and down the Mississippi River. Players would get on at one port and land at the next either penniless or hundreds of dollars richer. One particular poker player by the name of Jack Rodgers was famed for saving his winnings in a big iron pot that was saved for him at his favorite casino. He declared that if anyone could ever beat him, they would get the full contents of the pot. Hence the biggest prize that could be offered was known as "Jack's Pot."

Hitting the Slots Jackpot

Jack Rodgers was known as a nigh unbeatable poker player, and it's unknown if anyone ever managed to win Jack's Pot. Winning slots jackpots, thankfully, is a much easier proposition. In fact, the game is designed to make sure that people do win on a fairly regular basis, as it encourages players to continue betting. The stakes can range from small single paylines on a three reel machine to multiple paylines on five reel slots.

Players in both land-based and online casinos love the excitement of playing slots. The chance to win huge jackpots combined with the ease of playing the game have made slots one of the most popular casino games in the world.

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